The MoPad in the interative patrol car

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Together with our partner T-Systems, we bring together our technical expertise and our many years of experience in the security field with government agencies and institutions. The MoPad is the core of the interactive patrol car and its central control unit: The MoPad, as a mobile device, accesses geo-referenced data and elevates resource scheduling and navigation to a real-time level. The entire order management can be done immediately, on-site and directly in the system, saving a lot of time and unnecessary duplicate work.

Other devices can also be combined and controlled with the MoPad: cameras for HD video transmission to the coordinating centre, analogue and TETRA wireless devices or even special signal systems. Entire technical systems can be connected to the interactive patrol car: minor breaches of the law are detected directly and transacted using systems for cashless payments. In doing so, the most modern encryption and authentification methods ensure a high level of security.