Profipay - the payment system

Tonfunk display software

Another project from the MoPad "build your own device" concept is ProfiPay. ProfiPay is a system that pays off: the innovative technology of the MoPad makes it possible to accelerate transactions at sports events and other big events and to optimise the entire payment process. This has a direct effect on sales and profitability, because ProfiPay is faster than other payment systems. Deployment of personnel can be controlled in a targeted manner, and your customers will also benefit from faster and better service.

The payment devices are always tailored optimally to the application: ProfiPay offers solutions for fixed and for mobile or portable operation of point of sale terminals. Logistics for big events, entire access control systems, and ticket management can also be processed professionally. In doing so, ProfiPay is a solution that satisfies the highest demands on security and design.