The MoPad provides the correct hardware platform for each process.

Mobile order registration and processing

  • Decentralised order acquisition and transfer capability from device to device.
  • Online entry of process information and documenting of order progress.
  • Registering of process information such as GPS coordinates, barcodes and RFIDs.

Direct integration with the process thus allows utmost transparency and short throughput times.

Logistics – parcel and delivery services

  • Receive shipment orders online, optimal vehicle navigation and tracking.
  • Identify shipped goods by RFID and barcode.
  • Process offline packing lists and transfer current statuses to the control centre.
  • Digital signature entered directly on the display in the shipment order.

With the MoPad you don‘t have to be a „global player“ to optimize your logistics.

Health care

  • Secure access to patient data, medications, laboratory values, etc. by fingerprint authentication.
  • Online acquisition of data from a hospital information system through an encrypted connection, e.g. on a terminal server.
  • Hospital-friendly EMC values, e.g. when using WLAN.
  • The required protection class makes it suitable for use in sterilised environments.

With the MoPad allows secure, location-independent access to the latest medical data.

Mobile data acquisition in forestry applications
Using the MoPad the whole process chain is made location-independent.

  • Locate trees by GPS and register them online.
  • Control and monitor distributed processes effectively.
  • Optimise the transport logistics by navigation and route guidance.

The MoPad can be used safely even in extreme ambient conditions.