Possible Solutions

Always at your side outside. The MoPad is a Biometric multicapture unit. It is a mobile device that combines the rough-andtumble work experience far from desks with all the possibilities of the mobile data world. The MoPad focuses on the essential. It offers more than a cell phone, is not overly complex like a laptop and is extremely robust. This is made possible by the unique user concept from the innovative technology attractive design, easily handling and extraordinary reliability. All that at a favourable price/performance ratio and made in Germany.

Where is the MoPad used? Where employees are always on the go, do not have much time, but always need readable work procedures. Up to now, optimal business processes have often come to grief when the work process has to be made transportable. Special software solutions could not be transported. Now they can be with the MoPad. The MoPad is intuitive to use with a 7“ touch display that can be used in daylight. The security of the data is ensured with an integrated fingerprint sensor and saved biometric data. Interfaces for LAN, WLAN, GSM incl. 2G und 3G data-connection, RFID, 2d-barcode-imager, GPS and Bluetooth offer high degree of fl exibility. All entered data is secure, available and evaluable anytime. A long battery charge time (250 hours standby*, more than eight hours continuous operation) and the variety of accessories make the MoPad a reliable companion.


  • Sales
  • Service
  • Logistics
  • Storage
  • Production
  • Delivery service
  • Time recording
  • BDE
  • Industrial terminal
  • Forklift terminal
  • Rescue services
  • Forestry
  • Mobile patient records
  • Outpatient care
  • Machine control
  • mobile GIS
  • Navigation systems
  • Security services
  • CRM
  • Workforce management
  • time management
  • Daily construction records
  • Mobile Field Force Solution