eANV (electronic waste records procedure)

(Law as of 01.02.11) In the case of waste disposal companies, the mobile industry solution eANV-Mobil ensures that the collection of containers and domestic waste does not become an expensive ordeal. The customised fleet solution makes it possible to use your disposal vehicles efficiently through optimised scheduling and tour planning. All data about the driver’s order is transferred to the MoPad. It is thus no longer necessary at all for the driver to carry paper documents with him/her. The order data is entered into the MoPad on site and even from outside of the lorry. It is no longer necessary to print out delivery note, accompanying papers and certificate of handover.

• Identification of location and recording of status
• Guidance/navigation to location
• Proof of emptying with time and location stamp
• Current positions and tour progress of your vehicle
• Pictorial documentation of filling
• Compliance with the requirements of electronic documentation
• Individual and collective disposal
• All documents in paper-free form in the vehicle
• Signing with fingerprint and signature
• Interface compliant with Federal Ministry of the Environment (BMU) regulations and connection to in-house systems