Dimensions (W x H x D): 230 x 155 x 38 mm

Weight from 850g
Application buttons 4 freely programmable function keys
Cursor navigation + Enter
On/Off (multifunction button)
with tactile feedback
Display 7” TFT, 800 x 480 (15:9 format)
suitable for use in daylight
Status LED 2 LEDs für Power- und Kommunikationsstatus

USB Host and USB Client
one 16 pin system connector
· 3 x I/O
· 2x seria
· 1x relay (changeover contact)
· USB Host
· power supply
Power supply
Serial (RS232)
Optional: CF-Card slot
SD-Card slot

Interface loading Relay
· max. switching voltage AC/DC 24V
· max. switching current (ohmic) 2A
· max. continuous current (ohmic) 2A
Note: To protect the relay coils and contacts, inductive consumers must be dampened with an effective protection circuit! Effective protection measures must be taken to limit all voltages and currents to the stated values (limited power sources).
I/O Connections Used as input
· input voltage DC: min. 3.0V, max. 3.5V
Used as output
· max. current load 5mA
· Output voltage (high) min. 2.7V max. 4.3V
· Output voltage (low) min. 0V max. 0.7V
Audio Microphone and internal speaker  
Power Supply Integrated lithium polymer rechargeable battery, capacity 3750mAh
Charging time approx. 4h
more than 8h operating time (continuous) possible - depending on usage scenario
· minimum (without GSM on standby) up to 250h
· medium (with GSM on PowerSave) up to 150h
External power supply 10V to 16V DC, 1.5 A
Operating System Windows CE 5.0 Core / Pro* / Pro Plus*
Windows CE 6.0 Core / Core Plus* / Pro*
Dual processor
system chipset
Power management co-processor
Marvell® XScaleTM PXA270 / PXA320*
NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2*
Memory PXA270 312MHz 64MB RAM 32MB Flash
PXA320* 806MHz 128MB RAM 1.024MB Flash
NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2* Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9 1GHz
256MB RAM 512MB NAND Flash
Wireless WAN: GSM, GPRS, Multislot Class 12, MCS 1-4, GSM, EGPRS, Multislot Class
10, MCS 1-9*
RFID: 125kHz (hitag1, hitag2, EM4102)* ISO 14443a/ ISO 14443b*
GPS 16 Kanal, Assisted GPS (A-GPS), Differential GPS (DGPS), Satellite Based Augmentation, Systems (SBAS)
HSDPA HSDPA bis 3.6 Mbps, UL 384 kbps, UMTS bis 384 kbps DL / 384 kbps UL, Receiver type 50-channel u-blox 6 engine
GPS G PS L1 C/A code, GALILEO L1 open service (with upgrade)*1
Ambient conditions Working range -20 bis +60 °C (battery temperature)
Drop test 1m each side (EN 60068-3-32)
ESD electrostatic discharge as per EN/ IEC 61000-4-2
chem. resistance of casing and keypad surface
Storage temperature -20 bis +60 °C
Humidity 65% ± 20 % RH, without condensation
Protection from splash water and dust deposits
Regulations /
Approvals /
Health and safety: EN 60950-1
electromagnetic compatibility: ETSI EN 301 489-1
effective use of frequency spectrum: ETSI EN 300 330
Temperature and climate test: EN 60068-2-1, EN 60068-2-2, EN 60068-2-14, EN 60068-2-78
Mechanical tests: EN 60068-2-6, EN 60068-2-64, EN 60068-2-27, EN 60068-2-32
Environmental: RoHS konform
Quad-Band GSM/EDGE: EN 301 511 V9.0.2
Optional accessories Mains adapter 100 - 240VAC / 47 - 63Hz
In-vehicle charging adapter* 11 - 28VDC
Auto holder*
Wall bracket*
USB-B cable*
Carry handle*

* at extra charge